Gauge Engineering Services provides dedicated engineering services to assist our clients in achieving mission success.

Our engineering and design teams provide our clients with the agility and technical expertise to support fluctuations in workloads, meet aggressive Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) requirements, and achieve overall program success. Gauge Engineering Services partners with our clients in both pre-award and post-award relationships. Gauge Engineering Services has unique differentiators that make us the optimal subcontractor to partner with our customers to achieve mission success.

Reachback and Recruitment

Extensive Reachback and Recruitment Capabilities to find exceptional talent in a timely manner.

Program Management

Program Management to ensure our engineering and design teams exceed performance objectives.

Organizational Alignment

Organizational Alignment that is lean and allows us to be cost-competitive, while paying extremely competitive rates to our employees.


The intimacy and customer commitment of a small business combined with the reachback and scalability of a large business.


James Williamson

James Williamson is an experienced professional with over 16 years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. During his career, James has led sales in Staff Augmentation, Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Engineering Services and IT Systems Integration for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Based on his experience, James developed the vision for Gauge Engineering Services to become an agile, cost-competitive subcontractor that brings teams of highly skilled engineers to support our customers’ programmatic objectives. James lives in McKinney, TX with his two daughters, Lovella and Olive.

Mission Areas

Electronics and Mission Systems

Space Systems

Maritime Systems

Airborne Systems

Ground Systems


Gauge Engineering Services provides systems engineering support to ensure complex systems are developed, maintained, and operated effectively and efficiently. We build teams to perform requirements analysis and decomposition, system design, verification and validation, integration and testing and various other services to support development programs. 

Additionally, we provide software engineering to support the development, testing, and maintenance of software systems in various aerospace and defense applications. Whether we are developing high performance, real-time application development, updating and improving existing systems or simulation and testing of new systems, Gauge Engineering Services delivers precision, reliability and adherence to standards to support our customers’ key development programs. 

Gauge Engineering Services provides the mechanical engineering to design the physical structures and provide the necessary structural analysis to produce primary structures, components and subcomponents. Gauge Engineering Services has a the unique capability to provide teams of mechanical engineers with the tool and domain expertise to achieve mission success. 

Gauge Engineering Services has the capability to provide a variety of Electrical Engineering to our customers to support the development of power systems, avionics and mission systems, control systems, radar systems, printed circuit board design, as well as many other electrical engineering segments to support the Aerospace and Defense Industry. 

Gauge Engineering Services has the capabilities to support the entire lifecycle of maritime design to include naval architecture, mechanical, piping and electrical engineering and design.   Our teams of naval architects, engineers, designers and drafters are equipped to support maritime programs from design through production and in-service support.

The leadership of Gauge Engineering has experience with some of the largest shipbuilders in the United States and successfully established engineering support models to provide value to the shipbuilding industry.   Gauge has support models to provide both onsite and remote engineering and design support to our Maritime Customers.

Gauge Engineering Engineering Services has the capabilities to provide Manufacturing and Process Engineering support to assist in optimizing our customer’s manufacturing lines and processes.    As costs continue to rise, we assist in our customer’s in developing and optimizing their manufacturing processes to ensure they are increasing efficiency while also enhancing quality.

As the cost of manufacturing increases, our customers are looking for opportunities to modernize their manufacturing environment to build efficiency and scalability while improving quality standards.   Gauge Engineering Services can provide the engineering support to assist our clients in this transformation.

Complex Problems in the Aerospace and Defense Industry can require support from technical experts with specific skills, experience and domain expertise. Gauge Engineering Services has a strong network of Subject Matter Experts to provide project based support for some of the most complex challenges in the industry.


While Gauge Engineering Services is new, our leadership has experience with many key Aerospace and Defense programs:

Airborne Laser Program

Advanced Tactical Laser Program

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

Special Operations Forces Supply Activity

AC-130J Design

AN/TPQ-53 Radar System

Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP)

Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC)

F-35 Aircraft Systems Maintenance Trainer

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